*New* Curphoo-0.2.0-kc available in the download section

Slackware Package(.tgz) of curphoo-kc available in the download section.

Patch available for Yahoo!'s recent protocol change.

Here it is the magic python script (right click, save as) that will generate a valid curphoorc.
Take that Yahoo!
Here is how to use said patch.

This is the -kc branch of Curphoo, originally written by Alex Mercader (the_cpu_fan AT yahoo DOT com)

The -kc branch of the Curphoo chat app, is hacked/written with my own modifications and personal preferences and is maintained by me, Keith Clinton (slak_hack AT yahoo DOT com)

It is a Python, Ncurses based application that should run on anything that runs the previous stated applications.

Screen Shot ~100k

Some Documentation for Curphoo to read before you download.

Please note this is the -kc branch of Curphoo, and for the most part is considered to be in the development stage.

The INSTALL file
The README file
The commands file
The commands.README file
The cpfaq file
The cpprimer file

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My Curphoo site.

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